Monday, August 30, 2010

Mushroom Head new album

Is anyone excited as hell. I've been a MushroomHead fan since like '02 and I'm so excited for "beautiful stories for ugly children" 9-28-10 this album is gonna be amazing

I hope everyone loves them as much as I do St1tch your my hero.

what i keep on my flash drive

This post I will show all I have on my flash drive.

I use a Kingston Data Traveler 4GB
 I use my flashdrives for fixing computers and for games on the go
I have Portable Apps with many apps from the site
VBA, NO$GBA, and Project64 with countless ROMS
IO ToolboxGLEST (RTS for flashdrives)
I have many setup software to install on computers:
Adobe reader
Open Office
VLC Player

i stiill have 1.79/4.00GB
I'm open to anything else i should add

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My girlfriend

I feel like making this post about my girlfriend. we've tougether for almost 2 years go us haha.
I love her to death as well. her name is nichole she is really smart and funny. she thinks she isnt that amazing but if your like me you'll know she is. and all my friends and hr friends say the same they all think shes funny as heck too. i wish shed just know she is aboustly amazing and i cant wait to be with her forever nichole i love you if your reading this

Getting starcraft 2 on a flashdrive

Ive been thinking i wonder if i got like  16gb flash drive i could copy all the files off my computer and the icon onto a flash drive i can do a plug and play like what i can do with starcraft 1
anyone have any ideas if that could work?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Post.

Well I decided For awhile now I wanted to start a blog. I guess now i decided to make it. In my Blog I'm just gonna write anything i really wanna right about. One post I could talk about StarCraft 2 the next post it could be about Obama. It's just gonna be a fun time i know it
Well lets start with me
Im 19 going to college for Mech. Engineering
I play Starcraft 2 and other various computer games
I have a Steam ID which is stefanpatterson711 (I'll gladly take gifts lol) I also have a XBL: I A buddhist I
I have a thing for flash drives idk why but i love to always have a flash drive on me lol.
I'm a Communist My Nickname is the *The Marxist*

Thats about it for me Ill post pretty much whenever I feel like it