Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Post.

Well I decided For awhile now I wanted to start a blog. I guess now i decided to make it. In my Blog I'm just gonna write anything i really wanna right about. One post I could talk about StarCraft 2 the next post it could be about Obama. It's just gonna be a fun time i know it
Well lets start with me
Im 19 going to college for Mech. Engineering
I play Starcraft 2 and other various computer games
I have a Steam ID which is stefanpatterson711 (I'll gladly take gifts lol) I also have a XBL: I A buddhist I
I have a thing for flash drives idk why but i love to always have a flash drive on me lol.
I'm a Communist My Nickname is the *The Marxist*

Thats about it for me Ill post pretty much whenever I feel like it

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