Wednesday, September 29, 2010

do you think were alone?

Do you think were alone in the universe? i think its impossible that we are alone. the galaxy is to big and to old for us to be alone. there must be galaxies with life somewhere. I think thou if we ever fly to a planet or they come to use. i think we should act nothing but respectful because the last thing you want is to piss off an alien *boom* human life is gone. the universe would keep going as if we never existed.  Now im not one of those tin foil hate nut jobs i dont think there are reptilian people running the world. i just think we are not alone in the universe i just hope one day i live to see us make contact with aliens

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  1. Our galaxy alone is gigantic and it should be probable that the universe is teeming with life. But the question is: where are they? This is a real conundrum that astrophysicists face, called the The Fermi paradox. If intelligent civilizations can pop up at any time and the universe is full of them, then why haven't we met any of them or detected any radio waves by now?